Colosseum (The Flavian Amphitheatre)


The Flavian Amphitheatre, better known as the Colosseum, is probably the most famous monument in the world: this elliptical colossal construction, with a height of 48mt, has impressed and fascinated men of all Ages. It was with no doubt the most favourite place by the Romans, who came to prefer above all other entertainment the slaughter of men armed to kill and be killed for their amusement.

The amphitheatre consisted of four floors. The first floor was 11,50mt high adorned by halfcolumns of the Doric order.

The second floor, in the Ionic order, was 11,85mt high. The third floor, in the Corintian order, was 11,60 mt high. The fourth floor consisted of a plain wall with projecting corbels which supported the bases of the masts to which on days of strong sun were attached the strips of giant awning which sheltered the spectators. Staircases and galleries led the crowd to the different tiers of seats.

How to reach: the fastest way to get there is by caching the B line of subway, get off at the stop called Colosseum. With buses is easily reachable from any part of Rome, as are many stop right in front of the amphitheater (lines n ° 3, 8, 75, 175, 271).

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